Oh Mercy Mercy Me Text Abstract Jpg
18" x 24"Mixed Media on Paper2005
Number 14
Puppet Butoh Lady Oil Sweeney Jpg
24" x 48"Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas2006
Number 13
Collection D. NelsonAustin, TX
Richter Homage Perrine Jpg
24" x 48"Acrylic on Canvas2003
Number 15
Collection S. EwbankWashington, DC
Chair Scissors Triangles Jpg
26" x 30" irrMixed Media on Paper2006
Number 16
3 Butterflies Celeste 2ad Jpg
24" x 36"Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas2005
Number 17
Collection C. HirschmanSan Francisco, CA
Requiem Senegal Solberg Jpg
36" x 48"Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas2003
Number 18
Collection M. SolbergChicago, IL
Abstract Stair Bones Machine Morich Jpg
36" x 60"Mixed Media on Canvas2002
Number 19
Collection I. MorichSydney, Australia
Balloons Hell Dead Tree Glass Jones Jpg
18" x 48"Mixed Media on Glass2001
Number 20
Collection K. JonesBrooklyn, NY